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Five Steps to Sharpen the Mind in Autism with Nutrition

Dear parent, family member, behavior therapist, member of the health care team:

Are you, a family member, or client struggling with autism?

I may be able help you, if you let me.

Let me tell you a quick story…

My son was diagnosed with severe autism, and as a pharmacist, I was not able to help him.  He had a lack of attention, focus, and aggression to others, and himself, like hitting his head to the floor.

As you can imagine, I was devastated but of course I was not going to give up on my son.  I promised him that I was going to do whatever it takes for him to improve.

Have you tried psychiatric medications for autism?

In my experience, they did not help my son get improve! In fact, these medications made my son feel drowsy and not focused, impacting his school work.

Have you tried other specialized therapies for autism without any results?

In my experience, I did not see positive results, but now I understand why it was not effective for my son.

Have you tried behavior therapy?

My son had moderate results with behavior therapy.  Something was still missing.

What If Nutrition can drastically reduce symptoms of autism?

And I finally tried nutrition. And guess what? This time it worked!

I had the idea that autism is a brain-only disease, but I discovered that it is not truth.  Autism is a disease of the whole body that affects the brain.

No wonder I was struggling in helping my son.  Outdated ideas can prevent you from achieving outstanding results.

Once I realized that autism is a whole-body disease, not only in the brain, I understood how to optimize brain function by improving his nutrition, and I started to see great results.

My son went from severe autism to playing multiple sports, and improving his attention and focus. Academically, he was selected to the Honor-Roll.

Can you imagine, from severe autism to Honor-Roll?

I realized that I was failing in helping my son because of lack of awareness and outdated ideas.

Lack of awareness means I did not know how to use nutrition to boost brain function.

Once I realized that...

Autism is a whole-body disease that affects the brain, that’s when I started to understand the brain’s resiliency and healing power of our body when provided with beneficial nutrients, mainly from foods and dietary supplements.

I discovered from my experience and research, that if you start to improve your child’s nutrition that several benefits can be obtained:

Improve Sleep

Which means that you can sleep without interruptions and wake up well-rested.

Decrease Anxiety

Which is translated to less stress for you and your family.

More Energy

Production in the cells, which can help with sports activities like basketball, baseball and soccer.

Better Concentration and Focus

Which means, better results in school, and with other therapies, like behavior or occupational therapy.

Less Aggression and Behavioral Outbursts

Which will translate into a peaceful home and better experience in public places like restaurants.

My son realized all of these benefits from a healthy nutrition.  But it was not just him, take a look at what nutrition has done for others.


PhD, Psychotherapist, LUMSA University, Italy

David Rivas brought hope to Italian families. The children with special needs that David had consulted with me had improved dramatically. The book Resilient Brain is clear and explains nutrition and functional medicine's role in the treatment of children with special needs.

The book is aimed at parents and professionals, who can find clear indications with scientific evidence. David's remarkable experience with his son with autism has brought a great opportunity for other families searching for hope.


Discussed inside the Book Resilient Brain (Chapter 3)

Bob, a twenty-three-year-old man with autism, had extreme agitation, restlessness, irritability, and oppositional and self-injury behavior. Bob was diagnosed with autism at three years old and had been taking the antipsychotic medication, risperidone since he was eleven.  His physicians added two powerful nutrients that benefits brain function in autism.  His episodes of restlessness, self-injury behavior, irritability, and agitation completely disappeared with the addition of these nutrients.  His physician was able to discontinue the medication risperidone after his autism decreased from severe to mild-moderate.

And that is why I created the book Resilient Brain

This took years of research, sleepless nights to create, and costing me tens of thousands of dollars in education, seminars, and trying different therapies.

I wrote Resilient Brain because I do not want any other family to suffer what my wife and I experienced when my son was severely affected by autism.  We were practically trapped at home unable to go to public places because my son was a "runner" or running out of control and it was challenging to keep him safe.  It was a very stressful situation for my family and I don’t want you to go through the same ordeal. You don’t have to worry about not having insurance coverage for a certain therapy, or lack of awareness in the medical community about nutrition for autism.

What may have taken years of therapy, now may be done in months.  That is the power of nutrition.  You were created with a self-healing body, especially the brain, but it requires proper nutrition and key nutrients for that to happen.  So let Resilient Brain show you the way!

In fact, here’s just a sample of what you’ll get…

Learn which foods have research-proven benefits for an optimal brain function in autism so that better attention and focus will become a reality (Chapter 6).

Learn which nutrients have the power of decreasing autistic symptoms dramatically demonstrated through years of research (Chapter 3, 4, & 5).

How to overcome the presence of harmful gut bacteria in autism so you can have a healthier gut which means a sharper brain (Chapter 13).

How to activate the self-healing process in the brain with nutrition which may mean a calmer and relaxed child (chapter 5).

Strategies to improve sleep in autism so you can have a well-deserved rest and not being exhausted in the morning (Chapter 15).

Learn about a powerful, inexpensive, natural antidepressant that decreases autistic behavior (Chapter 7).

And much more!

But don’t just take my word for it.  Here is a New York Times Best Seller author and  others that read my book:


Best-selling author, physician, Founder and CEO of HartsLight

When David Rivas’s son was given the diagnosis of severe autism, he was inspired to take action. His book Resilient Brain is the story of David’s passion and journey to help his son heal his brain and overcome the challenges of autism.  David has achieved incredible success and shares with his readers the secrets to this success.  His book offers hope and a road map for families affected by autism.


Rph Pharmacist Florida

As a pharmacist, I believe in modern medicine, but I embrace nutrition just as fiercely.  I have witnessed how nutrition is essential in disease prevention and management.  A year and a half later after following David’s nutrition education, my labs showed no autoimmune disease marker.  I have known David for over 25 years, he is very skilled, dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable.  It is a true blessing to have him and his family in my life.


RPh Pharmacist Florida

David being a pharmacist and a clinical nutritionist has a unique understanding of how nutrition can improve overall health and wellness.  I followed David’s advice and my triglycerides went down almost 500 points. Therefore, I am convinced that nutrition is paramount in disease management.


Just Imagine What Life Be Like When You Apply All of this Nutrition Concepts To Your Family Member or Client Affected by Autism!


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That's when I had my big "ah-ah" moment and asked myself:


New York Times Best Selling Author

David chose to find solutions rather than focus on the challenge. Throughout the author’s own journey of discovering how to create phenomenal results, he chose to share his findings with you. Contained in the pages of this book, you will find extraordinary ideas and recommendations to sharpen the mind. Even though I do not have any family members with autism, I have found great value in this book, and I believe you will too.


Editor for a Publishing Company

I think this will be soooo helpful for all those with autistic loved ones in their lives! I learned so much about nutrition and its importance from this book, and I think it will be hugely beneficial in helping people all over the world to get some relief from their symptoms and to live happier, better lives! What an important message! Congrats to David on writing this life-changing book.

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